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About Latex

The substance was found to be ideal to erase pencil marks, hence it is commonly known as “rubber”.

The OriginWhat is Latex?

The origin of latex has been attributed to the steamy jungles of South America from a tree named “Hevea Brasiliensis”.

The substance was found to be ideal to erase pencil marks, hence it is commonly known as “rubber”.

Much later in the middle of the 19th century, Charles Goodyear invented the process of vulcanization of rubber using Sulfur.

This opened up endless possibilities for using rubber in the manufacture of various products.

Consequently to the demand for rubber, organized plantations came up in South America and later spread to South East Asia.

Natural LatexNatural Latex | Patex | Malaysia

The superior property of natural latex foam is its unique molecular structure, which permits extreme stretching - up to 200% without breaking or any alterations in its original properties. Scientists have utilized these properties of high elasticity and superior resilience to the maximum advantage in making latex foam products. Natural latex foam becomes the finest material in cushioning products.

PATEX latex, we make sure we use only the finest 100% NATURAL LATEX. Thereby enhancing the quality of our natural latex foam by endowing it with maximum comfort, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Who Uses It

Latex foam is particularly used by those who are health-conscious as they recognize that latex foam is substantially bactericidal.

It provides no nutrient material on which germs can live and indeed it possesses marked antiseptic action, which is sufficient to kill most germs soon after they come into contact with it.

On the basis of our experimental investigation we can accept that the organism of all infectious diseases, which may adhere to the latex foam are more or less injured or die.

This means that disinfecting under normal circumstance even inward for infectious diseases, is superfluous. No wonder, all outstanding hospitals  in the world use Latex mattresses.

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