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Benefits of PATEX Natural Latex Foams

Durability & Easy Maintenance  
  • Because natural latex foam can withstand impact and indentation and yet return to its original shape, having high elasticity, the life of natural latex is prolonged. This is not like some Polyurethane foam, which can be hydrolysis easily, will have elastic life only a short time before disintegrating. Also the coconut fibers and spring mattress will break down with constant use. It had been recorded that 100% natural latex foam can have normal using life up to at least 10 years. Therefore, it is very economical and worth for money to invest foam.
  • Long life and durability, the products can be used for years without compromising on its unique quality.
  • Because natural latex foam has an opened cell structure, air can circulate freely, thus avoiding dampness and stableness.
  • Maintenance free. No need to dry in the sun of flip over like spring mattress.
  • Minimal height and hardness loss during use and no body set.
Benefits of Natural Latex Foams

Benefits of Patex Narual Latex Foams | Durability Testing

Comfort Sleep & Silenceness  
  • The opened cell structure of latex foam combined with pinholes provide a formidable dual benefits. It allows the mattress breath, thereby reducing heat built-up as well as providing excellent ventilation to the system. Therefore, you will sleep comfort throughout the night.
  • Because natural latex foam absorbs any movement without making sound, sleep is therefore not disturbed.
  • Latex foam is considered to be one of the most comfortable surfaces to sleep on and to be the finest material in cushioning products.
  • Cool, adapted to moist and climate, Aerated and well ventilated through pin core and opened cell structure, dissipates body heat resulting in a dry and healthy sleeping climate.
Patex Natural Latex Foam

Healthy Sleep  
  • The opened cell structure of latex foam makes the product remain bacteria-free even after successive used, thus ensuring a totally healthy lifestyle for you.
  • Inhibits growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. Research from scientist shows that several important bacteria cannot survive in natural latex foam.
  • Synthetic mattress material can react adversely on infect with some skins because of its chemical content. This cannot happen with natural latex because 100% natural latex is hypo-allergenic and beneficial to allergy suffers.
  • It is believed that the natural magnetic fields are everywhere in the air, iron coils in the spring bed or coil from television set. This magnetic field is believed to have adverse effects in human blood stream will magnify it. This is impossible with natural mattress.
  • Microorganism free and dust-mite free
Benefits of Natural Latex Foam | Healthy Sleep
  • Pollution free.
  • Biodegradable , 100% natural latex foam can be degraded in the natural environment while the synthetic mattress us unable to eliminate and will be permanent rubbish in the environment.
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Drying Machine   Drying Machine
Durable Testing Lab 

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